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Andrea Metgirls
Aneta: Merry Christmas By Richard Murrian - Full Series. In an amazing development, has started to post Travel Diaries from one of its most prestigious photographers, Richard Murrian. The first installment in what looks to be a superb new addition to the site is “Budapest.” Murrian is on location in Budapest, introducing us to his new models who introduce us to the beautiful city and then take us home and take off their clothes! And you get to see and hear it all. Real girls talking to the camera, telling us about themselves and their city, and then showing us what’s underneath those cute little outfits. This is erotica done right!

Pasha Metart Com
Dance Academy By Jerry Ashelon - 40 New Pictures. Let’s take Renee for example. All the elements are there for a perfect shoot. Lindenborn has her posing in front of an almost unnaturally beautiful natural scene…an open plain, green and verdant, that appears to house a vineyard. The light is perfect…the kind of day you’d want to go picnicking in. And Renee herself supremely fine creation, because Lindenborn would never settle for less.

Met Art Dreamland
Julia: Evergreen 4 - The Collection Continues. Now and then a movie really takes you back. It transports you to another time and lifts your spirit across generations to be exhilarated by the passions of the past. Such is the movie before us, entitled “Umbrella.’ Filmed by Slastyonoff and starring the luscious Aneli, this movie, at over 15 minutes, is a masterpiece of teasing arousal and classic eroticism.

Metart Red Fire
Pool, Unseen Euroteens Series. What happens next takes us by surprise, but it is a pleasant surprise to be sure. Anna begins soaping herself up with a thick, white lather. She rubs it between her legs, over her pert breasts, across her taut belly. She writhes with the bliss of this creamy application. Soon, she is covered in the rich lotion, and she looks like a snow bunny who’s fallen into a lake. White, creamy, smooth.

Met Art Jilles
Julia's Fallen Angel Final Set. There really is nothing sexier than the chance to be a fly-on-the-wall when young girls get dressed and undressed, and, in the process, begin gaining an appreciation for each other’s erotic potential. When girls are new to the sexuality game, they tend to use each other to experiment, and that’s what you’re seeing here. Each is pretending that the other is a man, and each is blushing and kissing and teasing in a way that is preparing her for her adult life.

Mosteroticteens Red Hot Spanish
Maria: Italian Models By Michieletto - 54 Pictures & Biography. Day Two finds us following the cute Czech teens from a “House of Worship” to a “House of Sin” (the Moulin Rouge). Then we go to see the Arc d’Triomphe. Finally, we get to see some photos from the Day Two shoot which features Katka and Anastasya together, naked, on the hotel bed. Very nice!

Met Art Lida
Dina Exclusive And Unseen Series. Many of you fell in love with Karina when she first appeared on this site several months ago. In over 100 photos, she slowly took off her clothes in the vestibule of a large house, and revealed to our delighted eyes her impeccable proportions. Well, for those of you who felt the magic, it’s back, and this time it’s on video! Now, for over 5 minutes, you can watch Karina take it all off and show it to the camera, for our pleasure only. O sweet Karina!

Metgirls Tart
Women Behind The Camera: Nella By Nancy Murrian - 156 Pictures. As the water pours over Anna’s head and dribbles into her mouth, the climax moment of this luscious clip emerges – her ripe red lips are open, her tongue is hanging halfway out her mouth, and she is drinking in the water the flows down her face. It is like we are watching Aphrodite emerge from a chrysalis and she is finally tasting the fruits of the earth. Liquid, sweet and warm, fills her body. That is Anna for you. Beautiful and sensuous, wet and wild, mouth open ready for adventure.