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French Models: Elegance By Cleo, Chris Nikolson's Wife. While Demois is shooting Adele, he takes the opportunity to ask her about her life. She says that she was born in the same village in which she lives, that her father is a farmer and her mother is a healer. She says that her house is a very free place - boys come and go and sleep with her sisters. Her parents are free-thinkers and naturists, meaning they practice nudity year-round. Adele says she was introduced to her sexuality through her sisters.

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Met's Exclusive: 9 New Unseen Erotic Teen Movies. Who is she? Where does she come from? What does she like to do? How does she spend her day? Has she ever been in love?

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Met's Legendary Series: Two Girls - Julia And Violet. The tale of Atlantis has enchanted imaginations for centuries. While most of us know that Atlantis is a supposedly ancient city that was buried under water (and perhaps still thrives there), few know that the cause of Atlantis’s destruction had to do with a very beautiful young woman tempting, and angering, the god Poseidon.

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Anais Demois: Sophia's Secret - The Complete Series - 39 Pictures. This week’s series from Vadim Rigin features two adorable young European college students traveling the highways and byways of South America. Specifically, they are in Tierra del Fuego, the famed “southern” portion of the continent that is shared by both Chile and Argentina. Magellan and Cook and Darwin all sailed the waters off this exotic wilderness, but now it is mostly home to indigenous populations of natives and curious eco-tourists. In the latter group are our two present subjects.

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Teen Eugenie's First Pictureshoot Four. Now, we’re not trying to psychologize them. We’re just going off what Voronin told us in a shoot report…something he sends us after each session in case there’s material we care to use in there. Here is a brief excerpt from the shoot report:

Vika Kallista From Metart
Ashanti: Mysteria - Premiere Presentation - 35 Pictures. When one looks at a series by Anais Demois, questions such as these swirl thru the mind. Especially with a series as stunningly intimate and captivating as Vellum. In this instance, however, answers are not so easy to come by, for the model in Vellum cultivates an air of mystery around her life as confidently as she emits an air of sensuality and innocence in her images.

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Lana: Vantage By Slastyonoff - 3 Mega Pix. Res. - New Photo Shoot. What one sees when one first opens up the first page of this 220 image series are two stunningly beautiful women posing together on a black and white checkerboard floor. One is sitting in a large leather chair that looks as if it came out of some Gothic castle, and the other is stretched out on the floor. Both are wearing black lace bra and panty combinations that give them a slight dominatrix air. Both seem to be very interested sensually in their partner and the viewer behind the lens. They are, as one might say, representing.

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Julia: Cattiva - A New Met Art Teen Goddess - Premiere. Right off the bat, you get a strong sense for time and place in this movie, even though, in another way, the time and place remain vague. Let us elaborate. With a foggy lens, Slastyonoff has given us a filmic presentation that seems to step out of a time gone by – the early years of film, from the silent years. Aiding this conceit is the costuming – Aneli is dressed in sumptuous antique silks, wears high heeled leather pointy toed boots, and carries a parasol like the ladies used to carry in Victorian times…hence the name, “Umbrella.” So, you know it seems to be a film about lovely women of a time gone by, but you’re not quite sure when it is, adding to the “celestial and timeless” aspect of the film.