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Metart French Amateur
Excl. And Unseen: I Fooled The Devil. The green nail polish on her hands is actually the remnant of a party she’d been to the night before the shoot. It was a “costume ball” hosted by one of the richest men in St. Petersburg. She told us that guests showed up in mask and costume, maintaining their anonymity, and the goal was to pair off with someone you thought looked “arousing.” The night went exceptionally well – “I soon found myself in a small closet with a man in a devil mask and cape. Before long, we were both unmasked, and we liked what we saw…so the fun continued!”

Met Art Hilary Bambola
Peter Dominic: Eve, 19 Reasons To... - Final Series - 50 Pictures. As every guy knows, girls make close friends, and those friendships are always full of stormy time and good times, but unlike guys, girlfriends share everything. Guys are more standoffish, more respecting of each other’s space. Not so with girls. They have to always “get into it” with each other. They have to be super close all the time. And Koika and Ashanti are no different.

Antoniette Metart
R.Murrian: Sensual Bath - Premiere. As any erotic photographer will tell you, most nude models come into it through a friend. One girl poses nude, enjoys the experience, and pretty soon all ten of her friends are showing up with the hopes of getting some cash and some fame, not to mention some thrills. But what happens less often is the friend of a photographer comes in and asks to be shot. But that’s what happened when Nella approached her college room-mate, Nancy Murrian, and asked her if she was pretty enough to do a nude shoot.

Met Art Koika Erotica
Karina By Peter Dominic - New Exclusive Pictureshoot. Her name is Veronika, and to veteran members, she is a welcome fixture…or, as it were, a much beloved ornament of the giving season.

Chloe Most Erotic Teens
Crystal By Michael White - 2 Mega Pix. Res. - Premiere - 92 Pictures. Have you ever noticed how some guys have a thing for “girls in prison”? You can find all kinds of websites dedicated to it, and there have been several movies that played on this “particular fetish.” What is it about girls being locked up for offenses against society that turns some guys on? Well, this new series by Yureyev sheds a little light on the subject.

Met Art Sweet Inna
Exotica Series - New Exclusive Pictureshoot. Finally, one must ask, has Julia had any reconstruction? Is that her natural hair color? What’s her secret? Well, for those of you who prefer au natural, Julia is indeed that…her breasts are as natural as the flowers in the field. For her hair, no, that’s not its real color. She has been coloring her hair for years, and for a while it was purple! And as far as her secret, it’s simple – lots of exercise (indoor and outdoor!) as well as a great diet. O, and appearing nude on camera now and then keeps her motivation up, as we trust it keeps your blood pressure up!

Atavica Metart
Zenia Series (Hi & Lo Res). On Day Three we tour the outside of the Louvre before we head inside and watch Katka take a bath and then lounge around in her fresh white panties and overshirt. We also get to catch some glimpses of Anastasya, who is truly a tender young thing.

Met Most Erotic Teens Goncharov
Unseen Euroteens Series: Kristina. What you’ll see of Maille in these 80 photos is an intimate portrayal of a very real, very natural young woman in the flower of her youth. She poses in a brightly lit white room, which is actually the corner room of her parents’ house (they weren’t home that afternoon). Either totally naked or in a red bikini strap panty, Maille is there in all her splendor for us to witness. At her side, on occasion, are some pretty pink flowers, or a white sheet, or you can see her bent over, reading a book called “The Girl in the Swing.” It makes you wonder what she’s thinking of, doesn’t it?