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Micheal White Met Art
Soleil By D.Kuleshov - Premiere - 139 Pictures. While Demois is shooting Adele, he takes the opportunity to ask her about her life. She says that she was born in the same village in which she lives, that her father is a farmer and her mother is a healer. She says that her house is a very free place - boys come and go and sleep with her sisters. Her parents are free-thinkers and naturists, meaning they practice nudity year-round. Adele says she was introduced to her sexuality through her sisters.

Jassie Metart Just Simple
Maya's Secrets By Deviatkin - Premiere - 68 Pictures. So, then, what exactly is the source of the title, Kiki Element? Well, it actually comes from a phrase coined by Richard’s wife, Nancy. Nancy, who assists on most shoots, was in the room while Kiki was nude, and she was so excited by what she was seeing that she said the room was full of “Kiki elements.” By that she meant that there was an electricity, a sparkle, a certain effervescence in the room when Kiki took off her clothes.

Top Metart
Fashion Victim 2003 - Premiere. Next we have Realm of the Senses, and while Inna Golden Girl is a fairly sophisticated striptease, this is a slightly debauched lust romp for two young models who start out naked and take it farther from there. Engaging in everything from full on auto-arousal to simulated sex, these horny young debutantes take it the distance for the camera. Blondes definitely have more fun!

Vika Metart
M. White: Maile - All American Model - 69 3 Mega Pix. Pictures. So, if you’re computer is capable of emitting “Kiki elements,” we encourage you to download these photos. The sensation is pure refreshing Kiki!!

Mundi Met Art
Julia:Expose' By Slastyonoff - 3 Mega Pix. Pictures. Then, it’s time to get a little messy. Narkiss grabs a handful of grapes, puts them between her hands, brings her hands between her breasts, and squeezes. The juice drips down her cleavage, running like a rivulet of passion down to God knows where. She eats of the virgin vintage, licking and sucking at the pith of her prey.

Andrea Metart Interview
Masters Of Photography: Energia By J.Bourboulon - New Photo Shoot. Nastya’s face is an ebullient image of youth and liveliness. Her face is not a “flawless sheen of manufactured beauty.” Rather, it is full of personality and joy. It is round and colorful, pleasant and engaging. Her lips are full and pink, her eyes bright and blue, and her color animated and refreshing. And on top of it all, there is her incredible hair – long and flaxen, curly and rich.

Angelika Metart
Halloween By L.Durante De La Rosa - Premiere - 3 Mega Pix. Res.. Nastya’s body is also an image of perfection. Her limbs are lanky and slender. Her breasts are like to budding roses. Her ass is round and full and sensual. Yet there are also signs of “imperfections.” Small moles dot the landscape here and there. Being young, she is not yet fully grown into her body, appearing somewhat gangly. She has mild sunburn spots on her shoulders and tummy. But these imperfections only add to her perfection, for it shows she is alive and growing like the flower of femininity she is.

Liza Voronin Met Art
Sharon: Provocation - Part Ii. The shoot was a joy. As the two worked, they reminisced and chatted about boys and movies and music and their favorite places to go. Before either of them knew it, the session was over, and all that was left of the magical afternoon are the photos in this series, a small sampling of which you can see here. And we believe that once you take a look at all of them, you’ll agree with Nancy – Nella is indeed pretty enough to pose nude on Met-Art!